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Pipefacepaul the Lame ass

pipefacepaul, May 9, 10 10:12 PM.
I'm sorry guys, I have been super busy with cleaning and dealing with life. I am hoping to make it on soon. Officers and members feel free to step up and get something going. I know its been really slow, and a lot of it is my fault and I apologize for that. fastest way to contact me is Email,

Hope to see you all soon,


Its time for another dose of orbs!

pipefacepaul, Apr 27, 10 6:20 PM.
Friday the 30th 3pm PST 6pm EST Will be gathering for another raid for 2.0 Orbs. If you can't make the time, come when you can! Hope to see you all there.

Spring Cleaning!

pipefacepaul, Apr 4, 10 4:15 AM.
Spring is here! Please take what you will need now or later for your toons. The guild bank will be cleaned at the end of this week! Also please show up to the Friday Meetings in the Guild Hall at 7pm PST 10 pm EST. !

CoA Raid!!!!

pipefacepaul, Mar 27, 10 3:28 AM.
Friday March 26th!

The Highborn Crusaders had a blast at our fist official "working" Raid! Woot!

Thank you all who made it possible! Much more to come in the future!

I also will be posting pictures from the raid in our gallery, Hope you were smiling.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Nizdar, Feb 22, 10 12:20 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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